A bomb prank from a dead man

A bomb prank from a dead man
This is not what you want to see as a
welcome present in your home

The new owners of a home, formerly occupied by the late police chief in Millinocket, Maine, found a realistic looking fake bomb in the basement while they were moving in. They called the fire department, who called police, who called the bomb squad. Twenty households in the neighborhood were evacuated for four hours.

The device looked like the picture above: seven sticks of dynamite, a clock, alarm and wires.

It was very likely a novelty item – a working clock with non-working explosives – that was sold by a spy shop. (That’s where I got the photo.) The item is no longer sold, but when it was:

"WARNING: This device is sold as a novelty desk clock ONLY. It is not to be used as a joke, prank, or hoax bomb. Period. Criminal charges will undoubtedly apply if misused."

Authorities said it was so realistic they’re going to use it as a training device.

The former owner of the fraudulent bomb, the late Millinocket Police Chief Wayne Scarano, is now the member of an exclusive club – one of very few people who have pulled off a practical joke from beyond the grave.

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