94% of experts have read this book on deception

94% of experts have read this book on deception
Proofiness by Charles Seife

Why haven’t the other 6% of experts read this book? What’s wrong with them? And why haven’t you read it yet?

Here’s why: "94% of experts have read this book" is a complete lie. 100% fake. Totally untrue. I made it up so you’d read this post.

"In skillful hands, phony data, bogus statistics, and bad mathematics can make the most fanciful idea, the most outrageous falsehood seem true. They can be used to bludgeon enemies, to destroy critics, and to squelch debate. Indeed, some people have become incredibly adept at using fake numbers to prove falsehoods. They have become masters of proofiness: the art of using bogus mathematical arguments to prove something that you know in your heart is true even when it’s not.

Our society is now awash in proofiness. Using a few powerful techniques, thousands of people are crafting mathematical falsehoods to get you to swallow untruths. Advertisers use these techniques to forge numbers to get you to buy their products. Bureaucrats fiddle with data to try to get you to reelect them. Pundits and prophets use phony math to get you to believe predictions that never seem to pan out. Businessmen use bogus numerical arguments to steal your money. Pollsters, pretending to listen to what you have to say, use proofiness to tell you what they want you to believe."

Read more in this excerpt at The New York Times>>

Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception by Charles Seife>>;

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