Why lawyers are idiots who hate unicorns

Why lawyers are idiots who hate unicorns
Radiant Farms Unicorn Meat

As an April Fool’s joke, the site ThinkGeek decided to sell "Unicorn Meat."

In a parody of the pork products slogan, "The other white meat," they called their fake product "The new white meat."

The National Pork Board was not amused, however, and sent them a 12-page cease-and-desist letter.

"We certainly understand that unicorns don’t exist," said Ceci Snyder, vice president of marketing for the National Pork Board. "Yes, it’s funny. But if you don’t respond, you are opening your trademark up to challenges."

The Pork Board obviously forgot that parody is a defense to trademark infringement. The legal defense is that there’s no way consumers would take your parody seriously and confuse your parody with reality. I would think that the fact that unicorns (and their meat) do not exist would mean that the product would not be taken seriously. And confused with pork.

Of course, ThinkGeek got great publicity out of the fact that their crazy product did seem to be taken seriously.

(Another thing that I didn’t see mentioned in the publicity about this prank is why the idea of "unicorn meat" is even funnier to geeks. Many geeks, while wandering the Internet’s dark byways, might see a horrible, disgusting picture they want to forget having seen, and will joke that they need to see pictures of unicorns (or cute baby animals, or rainbows) to erase the preceding bad image from their brain. So the idea that even the unicorns have been turned into meat is horrifically funny.)

Why lawyers are idiots who hate unicorns
A unicorn, cute baby animals, and a rainbow

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