What are the consequences of scamming?

What are the consequences of scamming?
A man bilked the elderly with a lottery scam. His telemarketers called older men and women and told them they had won millions in a lottery.

All they needed to do was pay a little tax, just a little fee…

The callers convinced at least 79 people to write checks for $475 to $60,000.

And once they paid, the telemarketers would continue to call.

They told people to borrow money, or "mortgage your home" to raise the money.

Eventually, the scammer was caught.

The consequences for him?

The scammer, Henry Anekwu, 43, was sentenced to nine years in prison. He must also pay $510,840 in restitution

The consequences for one of the people conned:

"…I felt mortified. I felt embarrassed and depressed that I had allowed myself to be duped by this individual. …I incurred credit card debt that I could not afford, drained my savings and checking accounts and worked an extra job to pay for this scam… It ruined my trust in people for many years and [wreaked] havoc on my health and general well-being."

Photo is from Elder Response Team>>

Story is Canadian to Pay for Bilking US Seniors in Fake Lottery at AOLNews>>

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