She was deceived on the Internet

She was deceived on the Internet
Peter’s picture on a social networking site.

Peter Cartwright was a single, straight 17-year-old.

He lived in Stockton in the United Kingdom.

He was looking for a relationship, and said his "ideal partner" was "maybe you."

His interests? He said: "cars girls hehe."

His eyes were blue, his hair was brown, and he was 5′ 9" tall.

He said he smoked, and he drank now and then, but he didn’t use drugs.

He ate meat.

He listed his hobbies as "too nawty to say hehe."

This is what he he wrote under the category "About Me:"

"hey my msn addy is [email protected] add me is u wanna girls xx im actually 19 i fucked up wen i was doin me profile lol thats wot happens wen u rush to get on here lol xx"

She was deceived on the Internet
Peter posted pictures of himself in his underwear.

For some reason, in his "Quick Profile" he said his age was 21.

She was deceived on the Internet
Ashleigh Hall

One of Peter’s online friends was a 17-year-old girl named Ashleigh Hall.

She was a student, studying child care at Darlington College.

She lived with her mother and three younger sisters.

Ashleigh decided to meet Peter in person.

Peter told her his father would pick her up in his car.

On Sunday night, Ashleigh told her mother that she was going to spend the night with a friend.

That was the last time her mother spoke to her.

On Monday, her body was found in a ditch at the side of a secluded road in Sedgefield, County Durham.

She was deceived on the Internet
During the investigation, her body was covered with a tent.

Ashleigh had been gagged and bound with tape, raped, and suffocated to death.

One length of tape was wrapped around her head five times, and another length of tape was wrapped around her hands nine times.

The boy Peter Cartwright was not charged with any crime.

That’s because the boy Peter Cartwright did not exist.

The boy she met was actually adult Peter Chapman, age 33.

She was deceived on the Internet
Peter Chapman

He had created a fake online profile, and posted another boy’s photographs on his site to attract female friends.

He posed as the boy’s father when he picked her up.

He was caught after being arrested on a traffic offense.

Chapman was a convicted sex offender.

When he was 19, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for raping two prostitutes at knifepoint.

He had been investigated for six violent sexual attacks, and was convicted of rape, twice.

After he was caught, he pleaded guilty to her murder, and was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison.

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