A sex scam at a radio station

A sex scam at a radio station
The top floor of the Playboy building

Here’s a blog post by TV comedy writer Ken Levine about working as an instructor at a radio station in the mid 1970s. Levine is "an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer" who’s worked on many top sitcoms such as MASH, Cheers, Frasier, The Simpsons and more.

"We were located in the Playboy Club building on the Sunset Strip. We shared the top floor with a Playboy photo studio. One day I was giving a tour to new prospective coed students. We stepped out of the elevator and there in the lobby were four or five giant 7-foot dildos; props from a recent shoot. They all gasped. But every one of them signed up.

So for eight hours a day I would instruct kids on how to cue up records; a skill today that is as utterly useless as how to clean your clothes on rocks."

One of the great scams of all-time>>

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