Sex lock hoax draws big crowd in Ghana

Sex lock hoax draws big crowd in Ghana
"I want to see!"

Here’s an interesting report from the African nation of Ghana:

Sex-Lock Hoax At La

The La Police Station was last Saturday turned into a Mecca for residents, as they thronged the security post to catch a glimpse of an alleged sex-lock case involving a married woman and fun-seeking man.

A radio station, it was alleged, had started the rumour, having picked the wild but untrue story from a neighbourhood gossip.

Within a short space of time, the news spread in the whole of La and even beyond, compelling residents from far and near to converge on the local police station.

So huge was the crowd that it created traffic jam nearby, but the curious and inquisitive residents held their positions between 2pm and 11pm and beyond. The tired ones were constantly replaced by others.

As for personnel of the police station, it was a hectic time as they tried to contain the surging crowd who would not take a no to the sex and lock story, believing that the police were just out to get them to leave their premises.

A hailer was used to communicate to the crowd in a number of languages to ignore the story to no avail. Eventually, the police barricaded themselves with physical barricades so the anxious crowd did not force themselves into the barracks.

When Inspector E.A. Addo, the Station Officer was contacted to confirm the story, he dispelled it, arguing that assuming that it was even true, should the police station be the place to bring such a couple.

A police station, he stated, is not a zoo or a hospital. The La Police Station scene is not a new thing, having been witnessed at the Agbogbloshie Market. A man and woman, at the time, were said to have had sex but could not de-copulate. The rumour spread throughout the city and drew a large crowd to Circle where the two were said to be onboard a North-bound vehicle.

Nobody could claim to have seen the action but there were many who believed it happened and these fueled the rumour, as in the case of the La story.

I’d never heard of the term "sex-lock" before.

Sex-lock has also been called penis captivus, "de cohesione in coitu", a form of vaginismus, or a perineal muscle spasm.

It’s also an urban myth.

As one doctor pointed out, if a woman’s vagina tightened that much, a man’s penis would become flaccid and get released, not trapped.

This urban myth usually concerns a couple who are committing adultery, or are too old, or have another reason to be morally shamed by their public embarrassment.

It’s possible this myth originated because people viewed dogs becoming captured during coitis. (This "coital tie" is possible in dogs because male dogs have a small bone inside their penis.)

But the myth does have a great backstory. It seems that Sir William Osler pretended to be Egerton Y. Davis and wrote a prank letter to the Philadelphia Medical News on December 4, 1884, describing this "condition."

So even though it appears as a hoax, you can say it does actually appear in the medical literature.

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