The muffin man with a Bimbo secret

The muffin man with a Bimbo secret
Rivals have not been able to crack the code

They thought Chris Botticella was retiring from his job in charge of a Thomas’ English muffin factory in Placentia, California. But rumor said that he was moving from his current executive job at Bimbo Bakeries to a rival bakery, Hostess Brands, and he might be taking the top-secret recipe of Thomas’ English Muffins with him. He was one of only seven employees who knew every step of the secret process.

"According to Bimbo’s filings, the secret of the nooks and crannies was split into several pieces to make it more secure, and to protect the approximately $500 million in yearly muffin sales. They included the basic recipe, the moisture level of the muffin mixture, the equipment used and the way the product was baked. While many Bimbo employees may have known one or more pieces of the puzzle, only seven knew every step."

Mr. Botticella was legally barred from taking his new job.

A Man With Muffin Secrets, but No Job With Them, at The New York Times>>

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