A mistress talks about adultery

A mistress talks about adultery
Carole Mallory in her modeling days

The mistress of writer Norman Mailer never felt guilty about having an affair with him.

"You have to understand with these famous men, they go after women, yet the press likes to make it appear that the women went after him." said actress, model, and writer Carole Mallory.

Ms. Mallory, then 41, met Mr. Mailer at Elaine’s on the Upper East Side. It’s hard to say who went after whom. She was the first to invite him to coffee. He was the first to invite her to his hotel room (ostensibly to look over a manuscript she had written, which included an account of her one-night stand with Warren Beatty). After a round of edits, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Take off your panties," he said soon after, according to the book. "I want to experience your soul."

If you read much of Carole Mallory’s writing, I don’t think she feels guilty about anything. I think she long ago abandoned the emotion called "shame." She might even consider herself "shameless."

"Well, in my memoir Loving Mailer I have tried not to tell, but to show the reader what it was like to make love to Norman Mailer. And to Warren Beatty in his prime. To lift that veil of shame, with the hope that the reader could feel these erotic moments and not be ashamed of feeling a part of or enjoying the experience. I wanted to take the reader there."

A mistress talks about adultery
Carole Mallory

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