The Jesus Kit-Kat bar

The Jesus Kit-Kat bar
A religious experience in a chocolaty Kit-Kat bar

Viral video and other viral phenomena are online media that’s shared so much they’re like a virus – they just keep going, and it’s hard to predict exactly what will spread and how much it will spread.

Some of it’s amateur content, and some is professionally made.

Most of it’s not specifically made to go viral. It just happens.

The UbachsWisbrun/JWT ad agency in Amsterdam decided to create a viral advertising campaign to promote Kit-Kat bars.

They pretended that someone found the face of Jesus inside a bar, and sent the photos to the news.

The campaign took off and photos of the Jesus Kit-Kat bars were all around the web.

How could you feel about this?

"It’s funny!"

"It’s deceptive. Viral stuff should not try to be viral stuff."

"I like that they’re using techniques that P. T. Barnum would have used. People like to be bamboozled!"

"Very clever! I’d hire these guys!

"This is incredibly disrespectful. Now we use the Son of God to sell chocolate?"

"There’s no such thing as bad publicity."

"This would never work in the U.S."

"Yeah, but did it work? Did they sell more Kit-Kat bars?"

I think the announcer sounds like "actor Troy McClure" from The Simpsons.

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