How to run a fake prostitution “clip joint” in Vegas

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Alicyn Marie Allred, 24, was one of many arrested for the scam.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Club Exclusive II, the "reflexology clinic" at 3595 Polaris Ave in Las Vegas

Club Exclusive II was a "clip joint" designed to separate horny guys from their money. Want to know how they did it? Read this comprehensive arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. (Now with pictures!)

I was going to make more comments about this, but the more I read the report and looked at the photos, the more I realized that the arrest report and photos spoke for themselves. All I did was clean up some obvious mistakes. I also found more photos to "flesh it out" a bit.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report 

LVMPD has identified Club Exclusive II as a "clip joint" business using trickery, deceit and illegal practices to swindle tourists, their main customer base. More specifically, the owners, operators, employees and taxi cab drivers are all working in concert to obtain money by false pretense from unsuspecting victims who believe that for the right amount of money, their sexual desires will be fulfilled. LVMPD has identified Club Exclusive II as a "clip joint" based on numerous calls for service and crime reports from individuals who have been victimized.

The interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia provides a highly accurate definition of what a "clip joint" is. Although Wikipedia is not meant to be an authoritative resource to be relied on for solid fact, its definition of a "clip joint" is highly accurate. In this particular instance, (substitute strip joint or entertainment bar with "reflexology business" and watered-down drinks with "reflexology treatment");

A clip joint is an establishment, usually a strip club or entertainment bar, typically one claiming to offer adult entertainment, in which customers are tricked into paying money and receive poor goods or services, or none, in return. Typically, clip joints suggest the possibility of sex, charge excessively high prices for watered-down drinks, and then eject customers when they become unwilling or unable to spend more money."

Club Exclusive II is licensed through Clark County Business Licensing for Book Sales, Admission Fees-Non Resort, Drugless Practitioner and Incidental Sales/Service operated by "Touched By Las Vegas, Inc." Club Excusive II is one hundred percent owned by James Buford. Touched By Las Vegas, Inc. is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State as a Domestic Corporation with James Buford as the only listed officer since 1/23/2007. The license of Drugless Practitioner refers to the practice of reflexology, or zone therapy, which involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion, by employees of the business.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Mr. James Buford, 44, is the sole owner of the business

Due to the numerous calls for service and incident/crime reports, LVMPO Special Investigations Section Detectives conducted an investigation into the business practices of Club Exclusive II.

LVMPO SIS Detectives learned through calls for service, crime reports, surveillance and undercover operations that Club Exclusive II’s clientele are generally tourists who are impaired by alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. Tourists (i.e. victims) learn of the location through their taxi driver that tells them they can get sex for money from beautiful girls. When the taxis arrive at Club Excusive II, the victims are greeted by scantily clad (i.e. lingerie, tight short skirts, low cut tops, high heels, stocking, etc.) women at the door, one of which acts as the "hostess." The hostess gives a brief description of the services provided using ambiguous language insinuating some type of sexual gratification if the victim pays more money.

The victims are charged a "one-time fee for membership" to go back to a room with an "attendant" of their choice. The victim is also made to sign a "Patron Agreement" which describes what reflexology is, the amount of time purchased to enter the premises with the up front fee, and a "disclaimer" notifying the customer that prostitution is illegal. If the victim questions the prostitution portion of the agreement, the hostess will dismiss their question and lead the victim to believe that the language is only a formality and money spent will determine the services to be rendered, and are led to believe prostitution will occur. The fee generally starts at $200 per person.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
A Las Vegas Checker Cab. When the taxi driver drops off a victim, the driver receives a kickback in the range of $180, and then quickly leaves the business.

Once the victim pays the fee, the taxi driver that brought the victim is paid a kick back by the business which is in the range of $180. As soon as the taxi driver receives the kickback, he/she quickly leaves the business. Through investigation, we discovered taxi drivers find out about these kick backs through fliers produced by the business, a "taxi driver appreciation day barbeque" at a similar business and word of mouth.

The victim then goes into a private room with an "attendant", who is a scantily clad female. The attendant may or may not start rubbing the victims hands. The attendant will immediately start trying to up-sell the victim to go back into the ‘VIP" area and get a "more private room." Upselling is a sales technique whereby a salesperson induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. However, in this criminal conspiracy, the up-sell is used to scam even more money from the victim, without providing lawful or additional services.

The attendant will use ambiguous language such as, "in the VIP I can touch more places, particularly the ‘lower extremities.’" For a fee starting around $500 the attendant will take the victim to another room on the property and may or may not massage the victim’s hands and/or feet. If the victim protests and solicits prostitution, the attendant will try to get more money out of the victim and offer various payment options; cash, credit card or use the on-site ATM for more money. Victims are also told that they paid money for time in the room, not necessarily any other service.

If the victim refuses or is unable to pay any more, the attendant will leave and security will come in the room and instruct the victim they have to leave. Security at Club Exclusive II generally do not use weapons but are men of large stature, typically over six feet tall and weigh two hundred fifty pounds or more. If the victim continues to protest that they did not receive services paid for, security will directly or indirectly threaten physical violence and force the victims out of the business’ back door where there is a taxi usually waiting to take the victim away. The taxi waiting for the victim is rarely the same taxi that brought the victim to the business. Since the victims are generally tourists, inebriated and embarrassed about the situation, many victims do not call the police because they are told prostitution is illegal and they will be culpable for asking for it. When victims do call the police, reports have been taken for coercion, fraud, robbery, destruction of property, fraudulent use of a credit card, assault and battery.

LVMPD Event #100319-0050

On March 19, 2010, two undercover LVMPD female detectives went to the business posing as applicants wanting to apply for a job at Club Exclusive II. The detectives spoke with two unknown female suspects at the business about what kind of work they do at the business. The suspects explained they practiced reflexology, which was the rubbing of hands, ears and feet. They further explained that anyone that works at the business has to start "behind the counter" before being able to move to the back with customers. The detectives asked how much money could be made and the suspects were vague, only saying it depends on every person, how well they could talk to customers and how willing customers were to pay for the girls’ time. The female suspects stated there is no sex and no stripping. The detectives asked if they would have to "hustle" to earn money and the female suspects stated yes, it’s a good way to make money without having to have sex.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
This is Mr. Jimmy Villalobos of Las Vegas. However, it’s unclear if this is the same Mr. Villalobos as identified in the arrest report.

As the females detectives were waiting for the owner, a security employee, later identified as Jimmy Villalobos ID# 2576593, walked into the room and told them not to take pictures with their cellphone cameras as he was obviously monitoring video from inside the business and not in the same room, A records check was conducted on 7/2812010, which revealed Villalobos was working as security at Club Exclusive II and failed to change the address on his security work card within 5 days of employment as required, as he lists his last employment as security for Custom Protective Service as of 3/29/2006.

The undercover detectives met with James Buford, who they later identified as James Howard Norris Buford, Jr. ID# 2512982. Buford asked how they were referred to the business and what their criminal history was, Buford stated he would need to see the detectives’ "SCOPE" (criminal history) printout before moving forward. Buford stated "there is no sex here, no prostitution, no hand jobs, it’s a straight place here." Buford would only have to point out that there is no sex at Club Exclusive II because he has learned a way to exploit his legally held license to scam victims, then claim he is the victim of soliciting prostitution when the police come. Buford explained the detectives would also need to get a business license and a health card before starting the "long process" to get hired. Buford, and his employees, go to great lengths to appear legitimate by using a loophole in the Clark County Code that infers reflexology is a "drugless practitioner". Furthermore, Buford and his co­conspirators obtain business licenses, health cards and other instruments to further their criminal enterprise.

On March 19th, 2010, an undercover LVMPO male detective entered the business posing as a customer, Upon entering the business, the detective was greeted by a scantily clad female (i.e. lingerie, tight short skirts, low cut tops, high heels, stockings, etc) suspect in the lobby. The female vaguely described the service offered and stated it cost $200 for the initial 20 minutes of reflexology. After the detective paid the fee, signed the "Patron Agreement" and was lead to another waiting room where he stayed for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. The detective was then greeted by another scantily clad female suspect, identified as Shayna Joseph ID# 2612934, that immediately tried to upsell a package that cost $350 for an hour of service.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Shayna Joseph "…returned approximately ten to fifteen minutes later wearing oversized rubber gloves…"

When the detective asked why would he pay more money for the same service, Joseph aggressively tried to up-sell the package stating, "more time means we can work on more areas" of your body, insinuating full body massage or sexual activity. Joseph stated it’s a better package because you get more time with the girls. Joseph also demanded a tip for her services up front before any services were rendered After going back and forth, negotiating with the female, Buford walked in and said the detective needed to review the "Patron Agreement" he signed showing there’s no prostitution and no refunds. The detective declined to pay more money and was led into a plain room with a bed covered in a white sheet and was told to wait. Joseph returned approximately ten to fifteen minutes later wearing oversized rubber gloves, carrying a bottle of lotion and rubbed the detectives left hand for two to three minutes before leaving the room. While the detective waited for Joseph to return, he heard various conversations throughout the business that sounded like disgruntled customers talking to Buford and other unidentified males. After approximately thirty-five minutes, which is part of Club Exclusive II’s scheme to allow victims to languish alone in a room to the point where they become anxious.

Joseph returned and rubbed the detective’s ears for approximately ten minutes then stated the session was over. The detective protested that he had not received the full twenty minutes for which he paid $200. Joseph instructed the detective to lay down on the bed and wait. Moments later an unidentified Hispanic male security guard and Buford entered the room and stood over the seated detective in the room in an intimidating stance. The detective stated his position that he had not received the service paid for and wanted his money back. The security guard started aggressively asking the detective questions about his personal life in an attempt to intimidate the detective, at one point accusing the detective of being a police officer. A legitimate business would not go to such lengths to weed out police officers if the business is operating within the confines of the law, nor would a legitimate business be concerned that they were being targeted by undercover law enforcement.

Buford offered to give the detective ten more minutes of time, to which the detective declined and insisted on getting a refund. Buford then told the detective, "it’s time to go" and he and the security guard physically flanked the detective and escorted him out of the business attempting to intimidate the detective. Patrol officers responded to the scene and at one point asked Buford why he believed the detective was, in fact, a police officer. Buford stated that because the detective drove his own vehicle and was not brought by a taxi it aroused his suspicion. In fact, while the detective was in the room with Joseph, your affiant witnessed Buford quickly walking the perimeter of the business while talking on a cell phone, looking for the detective’s vehicle and closely scrutinizing it. Again, not the actions of a business that is on an honest or respectable course.

LVMPD Event #100619-0582

On June 19"" 2010, an undercover male police sergeant got into a taxi that was seen dropping off passengers at Club Exclusive II. The taxi was Checker Cab #3933, driven by Mario Gomez  ID#0972011. When the sergeant entered the taxi he told Gomez that he was tired of strip clubs and wanted to have a good time in private with a blonde girl that would "take care" of him. Gomez took the sergeant to Club Exclusive II and two females dressed in skimpy lingerie greeted the sergeant before he even exited the taxi. The females were identified as Roberta Gutierrez ID#2678527 and Britani Lampkin ID#1875143.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Roberta Gutierrez, 21 years old
How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Britani Elizabeth Lampkin, 23 years old

Gutierrez and Lampkin dressed and spoke provocatively to the sergeant leading a reasonable person to believe that one could obtain sex for money in the business. Once inside, another female employee, Kaylin Rushing ID# 3005350, explained that for "one on one relaxation with a beautiful girl for twenty to twenty five minutes" it would cost $220. When trying to clarify what "relaxation" meant, Rushing pushed out her breasts and stated "it’s one on one with your private attendant. It’s very, very, very private." Rushing was leading the sergeant to believe that he could have sex with the attendant of his choosing. The sergeant paid the $220 and was made to sign the "Patron Agreement."

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
When questioned as to the extent of services included in the VIP package, Leah Montes, 31, grabbed her breasts, massaged her nipples and spread her legs saying, "you’ll love this."

The sergeant went with a Gutierrez to another lobby area and was told that he would not receive any service without paying at least another $260. When the sergeant asked what he would get for the money, Gutierrez pushed her breasts out and said "you’re going to have a good time and this is for EV-ER-Y-THING", implying sex. The sergeant agreed and paid an additional $320. Gutierrez led the sergeant to another room and left him there for a few minutes then returned wearing medical examination gloves. Gutierrez massaged the sergeant’s hands using lotion, all the while trying to up-sell the sergeant to spend another $500. The sergeant asked what was included for the extra money and Gutierrez told him "the lower extremities." She continued to haggle with the sergeant for approximately thirty minutes. Once Gutierrez realized she was getting nowhere, another female, identified as Leah Montes ID# 1904458, came into the room and attempted to get more money from the sergeant. Montes told the sergeant that for $1000 he could receive the "VIP treatment". When questioned as to the extent of services included in the VIP package, Montes grabbed her breasts, massaged her nipples and spread her legs saying, "you’ll love this." Montes eventually agreed to an act of prostitution for a fee of $500 by pointing to the sergeant’s penis and saying that for the extra money she could "rub the other side." After some discussion, the sergeant declined to pay the extra money and Montes left the room. A reasonable person would believe that by paying more money Montes would perform sexual acts.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Darver Jermaine Ballew, 37, was arrested at another location. He very likely functions as a security guard.

Shortly thereafter, a security guard, identified as Jamison Ahearn ID# 1620003, came into the room and told the sergeant he had to leave. Ahearn is 6′ and weighs 310 lbs. The sergeant protested the fees and lack of services received and Ahearn leaned into the sergeant’s face attempting to intimidate him, telling the sergeant repeatedly that he had to leave the business. Ahearn ushered the sergeant out of a door on the north side of the business where a taxi was already staged, all the while accusing the sergeant of being a police officer. Ahearn repeatedly asked the sergeant when did he go to the police academy and referred to him as officer. A legitimate business would not go to such lengths to weed out police officers if the business is operating within the confines of the law, nor would a legitimate business be concerned that they were being targeted by undercover law enforcement. The sergeant refused to get into the waiting taxi. The sergeant walked to the public sidewalk in front of the business and said he was calling the police. Ahearn told the sergeant he could not be in front of the business and attempted to intimidate the sergeant from standing on the public sidewalk. The sergeant refused to leave and while calling the police, Ahearn pushed the sergeant with his shoulder in an effort to dissuade the call from being made. Ahearn’s actions amounted to battery as he willfully and unlawfully used force and violence upon the sergeant. Ahearn’s actions also amounted to coercion as Ahearn used force with intent to keep the sergeant from doing something he had the right to do, call the police. Patrol officers responded to the scene and identified all involved parties.

The criminal enterprise of James Buford, with the assistance of the employees of Club Exclusive II and the taxi cab drivers that provide the victims, is no random crime. A great deal of time, effort, and money has been used to perpetuate the crimes of Burglary NRS 205.060, Obtaining Money by False Pretenses NRS 205.380, Fraudulent Conveyances NRS 205.330, Multiple Transactions Involving Fraud or Deceit in Course of Enterprise or Occupation NRS 205.377, Racketeering NRS 207.400, Burglary NRS 205.060, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary NRS 199.480.3, Conspiracy to Commit Obtaining Money By False Pretense NRS 199.480.3, Coercion NRS 207.190, Theft NRS 205.0832, Robbery NRS 200.380, Attempt Robbery NRS 200.380, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card NRS 205.760 and Assault NRS 200.471-2a. The intent to commit these crimes is evident through these constantly occurring actions which have been reported to LVMPD during the past two years through crime reports and calls for service.

How to run a fake prostitution "clip joint" in Vegas
Kristin Weisenberger, 21. She was arrested for knowingly working at this business with criminal intent and committing crimes.

At the time of the execution of a search warrant at the business on August 4, 2010, Kristin Weisenberger was at the business, (dressed in a manner consistent with other known security employees. Due to his extremely large stature, he obviously provides a security function which is meant to intimidate disgruntled male victims from confronting him or arguing about any service not received. The security role is necessary to provide protection for the female employees and intimidating and escorting the male victims out after their money is taken. This is all a part of the scheme to fleece money out of unsuspecting male victims believing they are in a negotiation with females which they believed to be prostitutes. EDITOR’S NOTE – The previous sentences were obviously not about Kristin. It’s probably a cut and paste error.) It’s reasonable to believe Kristin Weisenberger was an employee of the business which is open for the sole business of illegally obtaining money from male victims through various types of fraud using deceptive means.

Due to these actions, there is probable cause to believe Kristin Weisenberger knowingly worked at this business with criminal intent and committed the crimes of Attempt Obtaining Money by False Pretenses NRS 205.380, Attempt Multiple Transactions Involving Fraud or Deceit in Course of Enterprise or Occupation NRS 205.377, Racketeering NRS 207.400, Conspiracy to Commit a Crime NRS 199.480.3, Attempt Burglary NRS 205.060

Many more were arrested at other locations. See Fox 5 Vegas>>

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8 thoughts on “How to run a fake prostitution “clip joint” in Vegas

  1. You just posted "allegations" made, which have not been proven in a court of law..
    One of the ladies you posted the information on did NOT solicitate or engage in any prostitution, and will prove so in court..Your following the lead of cops who have manipulated the truth to get public opionion on their side..Their will be a civil component to this case, and your malicious deciet of futhering the unwarrented and unproven speculation has just furthered our grounds for a civil suit..You should be ashamed of engaging in smearing a person before they have been proven guilty..Cast a stone, you must be the person free of any sin in your own life..

  2. And you know all this to be true because? The media said so? Because you know this case first hand? Your an emabarresment to journalism..You posted from a cut and copy arrest report thats so full of inconsistencies..Theres been no court, theres been no guilty verdict, yet you have the audacity to call yourself a writer, Hah!
    Your smearing these ladies based on a police report with lies and will be proven so on some..Innocent until proven guilty? Woe unto you, who has beared false witness against your neighbor.
    Your nothing more than a blogger cut and paste with no facts to prove whats written here..ALLEGATIONS,do you know what that means?
    And we dont have dirty cops????

  3. A comment on the last two comments:

    I reposted the police report which said who was arrested, and posted photographs that were from Fox 5 Vegas. Of course all the people listed and the photographs included are of people who were "alleged" to have committed crimes. An arrest does not mean a person is innocent or guilty. It just means someone was arrested.

    If some of the people arrested did not commit a crime, he or she will likely have his or her day in court to prove a crime was not committed. Maybe many of the individuals involved will be found innocent.

    Did the cops manipulate the truth? I don’t know. They could have. I only know what the police said in the police arrest report.

    Was the media biased? They sure could be. You are right that I was only repeating what they said. I was not there.

    What the arrest report does show, and what I was trying to point out, was how a "clip joint" operates. In a clip-joint there’s no prostitution except for an alleged promise of prostitution. It’s like serving watered-down alcohol to minors. How can the minors complain if they’re drinking illegally?

    Is there another side to the story? If there is (and there’s always another side to the story) let me know by writing back and telling your side of the story.

  4. There is another side of the story the business does reflexology with pretty girls giving guys relaxation good conversation and a good service. Each customer is told they don’t do prostitution and they sign a agreement stating they acknowledge it. Prostitution is illegal they have thousands of customers that enjoy there session and only a few perverts that come in wanting more even after told it is not what they do. I feel these people are being punished because they don’t break the law and am very disgusted by Vegas ill morals

  5. Listen, the cops are right. I’ve been to this location (Entyce) and they ripped me off. I called detective Cho and told him I will do anything to prosecute these people. This place is a scam, and I will do everything in my power to make sure they get prosecutued to the full extent of the law. I am pursuring a class action lawsuit, in which many of the clients who got ripped off will be paid back in full with damages.

  6. People that bring charges at the Police Department lie as much as criminals do.

  7. so annonymous, you admit you where looking to break the law by paying for sex. kinda like a guy who files a police report for buying fake drugs.

  8. The girls working there, the security guards, and the owners of the business knew precisely what they were doing. They were defrauding people of their money, plain and simple. It was a rip off, and it was set up to be a rip off from the get go.

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