How to cheat a casino with counterfeit chips

How to cheat a casino with counterfeit chips
You have a gambling problem. Then you notice that the casino’s $500 chips look a lot like the 25 cent chips…

A man from Missouri pleaded guilty to using counterfeit poker chips to steal money from a casino.

William Reece Lancaster explains the deception:

"I had previously obtained legitimate 25-cent poker chips and used a special process to create counterfeit chips… Basically, I would bleach a particular type of poker chip and then use a special process to re-dye them to the desired color that matched the casino’s $500 poker chips. I would then take the fraudulent counterfeit chip and introduce it into play at the blackjack gaming table or exchange it for cash at the cashier window."

The casino noticed the scam when they realized there was an increase in the number of $500 chips in circulation.

The casino is not mentioning what steps will be taken to increase security.

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