How not to steal in a Vegas casino

How not to steal in a Vegas casino
Your right hand goes for your chips while your left hand slides over somebody else’s chips

A man, fifty-something years old with gray hair and wearing a baseball cap, is playing in the World Series of Poker tournament in a Las Vegas casino on a Saturday afternoon.

I don’t know his name, so I’ll call him Baseball Cap.

There were many players at his table, but they left for a break, leaving Baseball Cap and another man to finish playing their hands.

Baseball Cap wins the hand, and the pot. He leans forward to gather in his winning chips with his right hand, and at the same time he puts his left hand on the table for support and leverage. All attention should be on the right hand that’s moving to rake in his winning chips.

When the dealer looks away from his left hand, Baseball Cap makes his move. What’s his left hand doing? His left hand is covering up an unattended pile of chips from a player who’d left the table.

Baseball Cap pulls the money he earned towards himself with his right hand, at the same time pulling, with his left hand, an unearned pile of his neighbor’s chips.

This is known as stealing.

This is also known as stupid.

Did Baseball Cap think that when the player returned he wouldn’t notice that some of his chips were missing? Okay, maybe the other player had a big pile of chips and wouldn’t notice.

But Baseball Cap is playing in a casino that’s full of pit bosses who monitor cheating.

And overhead cameras.

At some point a video was viewed, and someone said, "Oh, look, there it is, he’s obviously stealing."

Baseball Cap was escorted from the premises by three Harrah’s security guards. They may have been beefy. And Baseball Cap has been barred from playing in the World Series of Poker ever again.

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