How not to send threatening text messages

How not to send threatening text messages
The victim

Jeanne Manunga (pictured above) a 25-year old woman from Santa Ana, California, was getting threatening text messages on her cell phone from her ex-boyfriend and his sister-in-law. She had to go to three different police departments a total of nineteen times before the threats against her were taken seriously.

Police finally arrested the ex-boyfriend and his sister for making criminal threats. The sister-in-law was arrested three times and then jailed when she couldn’t raise the bail money to be released.

Finally, the ex-boyfriend and his sister went to a phone store and discovered that the supposed victim, Jeanne Manunga, had actually bought a pre-paid cell phone in the sister-in-law’s name.

She was using that phone to send the threatening messages to herself.

Jeanne Manunga was sentenced to one year in jail and three years probation. She was ordered to pay the actual victims $50,000 and must stay away from them.

I also assume this means she must not send them any text messages.

Source: KTLA News>>

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