Devil pranks traveller – a short film

 Devil pranks traveller - a short film

This is one of my favorite films by Melies.

Le Diable Noir (The Black Devil, or The Black Imp) was a classic special effects film made by the magician and filmmaker Georges Melies in 1905. In this film, a trickster devil will not tolerate sharing his room, especially its comfortable bed. When a traveler arrives, the devil plays tricks on him. First, the furniture jumps from one place to another. Then the man is bedeviled by the chairs, which move away when he sits down in a classic comedy gag, then multiply as they chase him around the room, and just as quickly vanish.

My favorite effect is when he tries to angrily toss a single chair away, and even though one chair is tossed, another chair remains. Watch how magically the chairs multiply.

When the devil becomes visible, the man tries swatting him away with a broom, but has little luck. Finally, the devil uses his fiery powers, and the man is defeated.

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