Daddy fools his little daughter

Here’s a comedy routine done in real life, where a dad tricks his little girl by stealing her food. For all you students of deception, watch his two major techniques: distraction by pointing and blocking her view. These techniques are also used by magicians and pickpockets when they’re working to deceive a single person.

If you think the dad’s behavior is cruel, I guess it depends… does dad finally give her a dessert or not?

And here’s a question for any child psychologists out there: at what age would a kid’s first reaction be "You took it!"

The video title roughly translated means : "joke dad girl flamby."

Daddy fools his little daughter
This is Flamby, a type of flan or dessert custard sold by Nestle

This is similar to a vaudeville joke used by Abbot and Costello: the switching gag>>

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