Cheaters, adulterers and money – who cheats more?

Cheaters, adulterers and money - who cheats more?
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Need to know some statistics on adultery or cheating in relationships?

If you are:

  • 18 to 28 years old
  • Married or living together
  • Been together for over a year

These apply to you.

For women:

If you’re a women who depends on her male partner for money, you’re less likely to cheat on him. So if your husband or boyfriend is making more money than you, you’re less likely to be having a fling.

For men:

If you’re a man who depends on your female partner for money, you’re more likely to cheat on her. So if your wife or girlfriend makes more money than you, the odds of you having an affair increase.

And if you’re a man who makes a lot more money than your partner, you’re also more likely to be playing around.

So… with all these cheating male scoundrels, are there any men who aren’t cheating?

Yes. In fact, most men aren’t cheating.

First, men are the least likely to cheat if their partners made about 75% of their incomes.

And second, overall, very few people are cheating.

During the six years studied, only 3.8% of the men and 1.4% of the women cheated.

That means that 92.6% of men and 98.6% of women were faithful.

Here’s another way to think about it:

If you’re in a men’s locker room with 50 guys, about 3 or 4 of those guys are cheating.

If you’re in a woman’s locker room with 50 other women, it’s likely that 1 woman might be cheating.

Source: The Effect of Relative Income Disparity on Infidelity for Men and Women at Science Daily>>

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