Can lightning hoax your brain?

Can lightning hoax your brain?
Could all of these noble gentlemen
have been the victims of a hoax?

Ball lightning is a small electrical sphere of electricity which is usually observed during a thunderstorm. Witnesses have seen it for centuries. It’s been variously labeled as either a hoax or an unexplained scientific phenomena. It’s been theorized that it might be a form of regular lightning, plasma clouds, vaporizing silicon, nanobatteries or black holes.

The most recent explanation? Lightning messes with your head.

If a lightning discharge lasts a long time, it may create the same magnetic fields that are used in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is used to stimulate neurons in the human brain.

Many patients who receive TMS report "luminous and apparently real visual perceptions in varying shapes and colors within the visual field."

So it may be that lightning creates a magnetic field that induces a brain hallucination that the recipient describes as ball lightning.

So ball lightning might be a hoax, a hoax perpetrated by lightning itself.

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One thought on “Can lightning hoax your brain?

  1. I witnessed this phenomenon about a decade ago. I was with a friend whose back was turned to it, so I was the only one who saw it.

    But he was able to see the light, and thought that it was suddenly strangely bright. I had to tell him about what I had seen to make sense of the light source.

    A few years back I did some research on it and came to the conclusion that it was indeed ball lightning. But what was it exactly?

    There wasn’t any inclement weather, though I’ve heard of its occurrence in several settings.

    I think however that you are wrong about the "all in your head stuff" If it were, it would mean that the ball lightning existed in some thought plane where i saw the ball with my own two eye while my friend could see the light illuminating the street in front of him.

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