1-eyed man caught in 3-card scam

1-eyed man caught in 3-card scam
The illustration above is a detail of the painting Three Card Monte by Max Ginsburg

67-year-old  Leobardo Valencia was arrested for running a game of Three Card Monte on a sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles.

Three Card Monte, also known as Find the Lady, is a "game" where you bet on the location of one of three face-down cards. You always ultimately lose. The person handling the cards can switch them using sleight of hand, and a team of people surrounding you – who seem to be innocent bystanders – are all in on the con and will convince you to bet on a "sure thing."

Los Angeles Downtown News>>

(Note: I think I posted this mostly because I could use the headline "1-eyed man caught in 3-card scam.")

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