What the heck are they saying? Deceptive mouths run amuck

What the heck are they saying? Deceptive mouths run amuckDr. Charlene Werner
Although this video is used by opponents of homeopathy to debunk the "science" behind homeopathy, I think it’s more interesting to just watch and listen to Dr. Charlene Werner and try to follow what she’s saying. She simultaneously talks sense and nonsense. It’s a more extreme example of what many people do when they want to deceive you. Whether it’s done consciously or not (and in this case I think she’s not quite conscious of what she’s saying), this type of speech is used to confuse. It definitely causes a reaction. If you understand any of the real science, you’re outraged, because it obviously makes no sense. If you want to believe that what she’s saying is true, it might sound scientific enough to some people to add to the "truth" of homeopathy.

Watch a similar phenomena as Caitlin Upton, competing as Ms. South Carolina for the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant, tries to answer a question. She has poise, but in this case, stress has likely made her brain implode.

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2 thoughts on “What the heck are they saying? Deceptive mouths run amuck

  1. When compared to Dr. Werner, Miss Teen South Carolina didn’t do too badly — after all, she had to compose her answer off the cuff.

  2. Not only that, but Miss Teen South Carolina is still a teenager, while Dr. Werner is an adult, and a doctor, no less…

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