“Paul McCartney is really dead!” says crazy man… but is he crazy?

"Paul McCartney is really dead!" says crazy man... but is he crazy?Inside this anonymous package was a shocking series of secret tapes that would blow the lid off the most unbelievable hoax of any century!
A crazy man makes a documentary film claiming Paul McCartney died in 1966. Or is he crazy?

An "anonymous package" showed up at documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s office, with tapes of the voice of the late singer George Harrison. In it, Harrison claims that musician Paul McCartney, who currently seems to be very much alive and still touring, actually died in a car crash years ago. But British intelligence, fearing that adoring teenage girl fans would commit mass suicide if they learned he had died, helped create a deceptive cover-up.

Says Gilbert:

"We have the Beatles denying a hoax over the years, saying that all the clues were just coincidence and not intentional. I don’t think those denials are very credible when you look at the amount of clues available in backward masking, the song lyrics and all the artwork. And you have little things like Paul telling David Letterman last year that he is actually the imposter. Is it tongue-in-cheek? We don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t a hoax. We feel these tapes we have and this entire story of Paul really dying is a worthy theory that might be true and worth people looking at and considering."

So who is masquerading as Paul?

Some surgically altered bloke named William Campbell.

It all fits, says Gilbert.

More evidence from the voice on the tapes: Geroge Harrison thought Paul’s wife Linda McCartney had convinced the fake Paul to marry her and put her in his band Wings, and that John Lennon was murdered because he knew too much and was about to talk, and Paul’s next wife (and now ex-wife) Heather Mills had actually seen the real Paul’s fatal car crash.

So who sent the George Harrison tapes to Gilbert?

In my favorite bit of info among many, Gilbert says he doesn’t know, because:

"There was no return address."

That tidbit is a close runner-up to what Gilbert calls the current Paul McCartney imposter:

He calls him "Faul," for "Fake Paul."

His DVD is: "Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison." The DVD is due out Aug 24th, 2010. (Unless the filmmaker mysteriously "disappears.")

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