Maps can be dishonest, deceptive, and distorted

Maps can be dishonest, deceptive, and distortedIn this 1985 map of Quebec, Labrador has disappeared.

"We tend to think of maps as honest portraits of the ground beneath our feet, about as trustworthy as a family photograph. It is easy for corporations and governments to take advantage of this trust to pass along mistruths. But of course, the public’s perception of maps could not be more wrong. "The image on a map is drawn by human hands, controlled by operations in a human mind," wrote the American geographer John Kirkland Wright in 1942. When we stop to think about it, we realize it is inevitable that maps are subject to distortion by the people who make them and that these distortions can be used to influence public opinion."

A Tale from the Map Vault from Library and Archives Canada>>

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