“Magic as we know it is a highly ethical form of deception…”

"Magic as we know it is a highly ethical form of deception...""For Teller (that’s his full legal name), magic is more than entertainment."

"Magic as we know it is a highly ethical form of deception, a form of play in which the deceiver and deceived agree to the terms of a playful conflict… 

Modern magic is a mimesis of an impossible action that looks so much like reality that the audience is put into a state of pleasurably uncomfortable imbalance when they seem to be in the presence of what they know cannot exist.

To my mind, magic has no more to do with fantasy than any other art form. I can easily see a case for saying that movies are fantasies turned into pictures. But magic is different. It constantly invites us to test what we see against what we know. Its subject is not fantasy, but reality, examined through contradiction."

Read the entire interview with magician Teller at iTricks Magic News>> 

The photo of Teller by Carlos Serrao is from an article in Wired Magazine called Magic and the Brain: Teller Reveals the Neuroscience of Illusion.  A quote:

"For Teller (that’s his full legal name), magic is more than entertainment. He wants his tricks to reveal the everyday fraud of perception so that people become aware of the tension between what is and what seems to be. Our brains don’t see everythingthe world is too big, too full of stimuli. So the brain takes shortcuts, constructing a picture of reality with relatively simple algorithms for what things are supposed to look like. Magicians capitalize on those rules. "Every time you perform a magic trick, you’re engaging in experimental psychology," Teller says. "If the audience asks, ‘How the hell did he do that?’ then the experiment was successful. I’ve exploited the efficiencies of your mind."

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