How police charity telemarketers lie to you

How police charity telemarketers lie to you
This extravagant bedroom purchased by your donations for police body armor. Thank you.

(Phone rings. You pick up.) Hello?

Yes, this is David Scott from the police officer’s benevolent association.


We’re raising money for bulletproof vests for officers.

Well, I’ve heard that lots of that money never gets to the charity…

Oh no, this is different, I assure you. I work directly for the police officer’s benevolent association. The police get 100% of the money.

You don’t work for a fund-raising company? Because I know they don’t…

I do not work for a fund-raising company. Definitely not. I assure you I am not an employee of a fund-raising company. This is 100% an in-house fund-raising drive.

Excuse me, I’ve got caller ID and it doesn’t show your number, any number at all…

That’s because of that federal rule. It exempts nonprofits like the police officer’s benevolent association from caller-ID requirements. We try to save money that way. That’s why we give 100% of your hard-earned money directly to the police. To the officers on the job, fighting crime. To date, we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for our men and women in blue. But body armor for each officer can be very expensive, and to save the lives of officers… have you ever seen or heard about those bullet-proof vests in the movies or on TV?

Yes. I think I’ve seen them.

Well, believe it or not, bullet-proof vests do not protect the lives of hard-working police officers. We provide multi-threat body armor that provides both ballistic and stab protection. Did you know that more police officers are threatened with stabbing than with guns?

I didn’t know that.

That’s right, and the body armor we provide our dedicated officers enables them to have the maximum movement to do their job, and provides our men and women with the maximum protection of the neck, shoulders, and other parts of the body. You know, of course, that they make ceramic that’s harder than steel?

It is?

It’s harder than steel but lighter, so that’s why the armor we get is reinforced with ceramic plates. And it’s approved to the standards of the US Military, and the European Union and the National Institute of Justice. Have you heard of cop-killer bullets, that can pierce bullet-proof vests?


That’s why we use body armor, not bullet-proof vests, and we ask for your donation to replace all the old bullet-proof vests with body armor that provides the absolute maximum protection for our officers. What can I put you down for to support our officers? You know, of course, your donation is 100% tax deductable…

The truth?

The telemarketer was not from the police officer’s benevolent association.

They were not exempt from caller ID requirements.

The telemarketer was told to say: "I do not work for a fund-raising company."

The telemarketer was working for a fund-raising company.

(Owned by two New Jersey businessmen. Who made millions. And had been caught cheating before.)

The telemarketer was told to say: "100% of the money we raise goes to the charity."

Only 15% of the money went to the charity.

The Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Justice Department caught them. Again.

They agreed to a lifetime ban on telemarketing and soliciting for charities.

And they had to forfeit many assets, including:

"…two $2 million homes, paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh valued at $1.4 million, an $800,000 guitar collection, $270,000 from a recently sold wine collection, $117,000 in jewelry, three Mercedes, two Bentleys, and a variety of other property."

N.J. charity scam, honed for skeptics, shut down, at>>

Luxury homes on auction block to help pay FTC penalty, at>>

The photo above is one of the five bedrooms of 88 Ocean Avenue in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey:

"12,000± SF, Built 1904, Fully Renovated (including a major addition) circa 2003; 5 Bedrooms,; 7.5 Baths; Heated In-Ground Pool & Spa w/"Concession Stand" style Pool House; 4 Fireplaces; Gourmet Kitchen, plus A PRIVATE BEACH LOT. Recently Listed at $3,800,000. Assessed at $2,640,950."

It was seized and sold for $2.5 million.

Source: Blau Real Estate Auctions.

(NOTE: The telemarketer script above is not an actual transcript. But it could be.)

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