How deception helps Alzheimer patients

How deception helps Alzheimer patients
With all the reports of bad deception – frauds and cons and stealing money and murder – sometimes there don’t seem to be enough examples of "good deception."

Here’s one:

The Benrath Senior Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany had a problem. Alzheimer patients would sometimes wander off, and they had to call police to find them. They worried that patients would spend the night in the cold of winter.

So they erected a fake bus stop sign in front of the senior center.

"It sounds funny, but it helps. Our members are 84 years-old on average. Their short-term memory hardly works at all, but the long-term memory is still active. They know the green and yellow bus sign and remember that waiting there means they will go home. We will approach them and say that the bus is coming later today and invite them in to the home for a coffee. Five minutes later they have completely forgotten they wanted to leave."

From the Telegraph>>

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