The giant Russian drawbridge dick prank

The giant Russian drawbridge dick prankWait, what’s that in the distance?

The giant Russian drawbridge dick prankSomething interesting is showing up

The giant Russian drawbridge dick prankHe is (fully) risen
The group Voina (Russian for "War") is a group of Russian political pranksters. They’ve created works with political, social and trickster overtones.

In 2010 they painted a giant phallus on the bridge that leads to FSB headquarters.

They were able to paint the 213-foot-long 89-foot-wide penis in 23 seconds flat.

The FSB (Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti) is Russia’s domestic security agency, a powerful successor to the KGB. It increased in power and influence under President Vladimir Putin, a former FSB director.

Its headquarters are located in downtown Moscow in the same location of the former KGB.

Thanks to Animal New YorkWhy Russian Art Group Voina ‘Dicked’ a St. Petersburg Bridge>>

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