First deception… then he murdered his wife and three children

First deception... then he murdered his wife and three childrenChristian Longo killed his children:Sadie Ann, Madison and Zachary

First deception... then he murdered his wife and three childrenChristian Longo’s wife, Mary Jane. He met her in a Jehovah’s Witness Church.
"They drove, in the stolen minivan, until in the autumn of 2001 they ran out of road on the Oregon coast. The best job Longo could find was making $7.40 an hour at a Starbucks inside a Fred Meyer department store. He needed to rent a home and support a family of five. There was no way he could afford it, and he was too proud to ask his parents for help or accept welfare or confess to MaryJane that she’d been duped. He resorted to petty crime and realized, once again, that the family would have to flee.

But you can’t keep running when you have three children. You can’t keep writing fake checks. You can’t earn any real income when there are outstanding warrants for your arrest and you’re unable to pass a background check or even give out your Social Security number. And you can’t admit that you’ve been deceiving your wife for years, that in reality she’s married a loser and a liar and a thief. That you can’t afford a tank of gas, let alone housing and diapers and clothing and food. You’re trapped.

At work one evening, at the Fred Meyer, he reached his breaking point. When he got home late that night, he killed his family. It was a week before Christmas, 2001. He fled Oregon and later flew to Mexico. On January 13, 2002, he was arrested in Cancun, where he was posing as me. His trial began in March 2003 and ran for a month. The jury took less than a day to find Longo guilty and sentence him to death."

The story of Christian Longo, from Esquire>> 
The story (print version) of Christian Longo, from Esquire>> 

Before he murdered his family, he committed multiple acts of deception: an affair, motor-vehicle theft, check forging, larceny, bad check writing. A detailed account of his actions before and after the murders is at this link: CMM-Crime, Mystery & Mayhem>>

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