The fake carjacker, oral sex, a male prostitute and deception

The fake carjacker, oral sex, a male prostitute and deceptionSara C. Blasse
A reconstructed interview with the 23-year-old Sara C. Blasse of Vineland, New Jersey:

Okay, let’s go over your story again.

It was about 6 in the morning. I was coming back from my friend’s house. I was driving my dad’s car when I got lost so I stopped and asked this guy for directions. He threw me out of the car and broke my arm. He had a gun. I was scared.

You didn’t resist in any way?

No. It’s a good thing I called my friend and she picked me up. My parents drove me to the hospital.

So you were carjacked at gunpoint?

Yes. It was scary.

Do you remember what he looked like?

He was just a guy. I don’t remember any details.

And later your car was found smashed into a tree and on fire?

I know, that’s terrible! But I know my dad has insurance so it’ll be okay. It’s too bad my cell phone battery died, or I could have called police and maybe they could have gotten him.

And you say your cell phone battery died?

Yeah. That’s why I couldn’t call the police.

So how did your friend find you?

What’s that?

Your friend. How did your friend find you if you couldn’t use your cell phone?

(long pause)

You said your cell phone battery died.


Ms. Blasse?

All right. All right, I didn’t want to say. Because it’s embarrassing. Because I… Okay, he was… this guy.

The one who threw you out of the car?

No, no, he wasn’t… it was that I was… I was going down on him while he was driving…

Your boyfriend?

No. I… I just met him. He was… It’s embarrassing. A hustler.

A hustler?

A male prostitute.

I see.

I was giving him a blow job and he lost control of the car, and we hit the tree.

I see.

You’re not going to tell my dad, are you?

We’re just trying to figure out the truth. How’s your arm?

It’s okay. Hurts a lot, but they give me pills.

And your concussion? Is it causing your memory any problems?

I’m okay.

Well, I’m afraid that what you’re saying now, Ms. Blasse, it’s not what you said to us earlier. You said earlier in your police report that you were carjacked. And now you’ve changed your story. And that’s filing a false police report. And that’s a crime, I’m afraid, Ms. Blasse.

I was embarrassed.

Ms. Blasse, do you know a Mr. Robert Blakely?


Because… you see that glass over there. Ms Blasse? That’s two-way glass, and Mr. Blakely is behind it, and he said that you and the other man in the car had stolen his laptop from his parked car.

That’s crazy.

And he identified you and your boyfriend speeding away. And other witnesses say that after you crashed, your boyfriend tried to set the car on fire by stuffing paper towels into the gas tank.

That’s just crazy.

Do you know Henry Goode Jr.? Ms. Blasse?

(pause) Yeah.

You see, while you were at the hospital, Henry Goode Jr. stole a van. After he abandoned it, he tried to light the gas tank with paper towels.


So you see we have no choice but to file these additional charges against you: aggravated arson, burglary, theft, hindering apprehension by destroying evidence and filing a false report. Do you have anything else to say?

(long pause)

Ms. Blasse?

No. I don’t think I have anything else to say.

Based on the facts in the case of Sara C. Blasse, from various media stories, especially The Daily Journal>>

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