Don’t be dishonest – and grow the hell up (old advice)

Don't be dishonest - and grow the hell up (old advice)How to return from the land of the Wild Things

Here’s some advice from the past:

If you really want to grow up, you’ll stop being like a little kid, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the sneakiness and craftiness of people with their deceitful scheming. Instead, if you speak the truth with love and respect for others, you will, in everything you do, grow up.

You’ll shed your old self, which was being corrupted by deceit, and remake your mind’s attitude; and you’ll put on a new self, created in true decency.

You’ll stop telling lies and start speaking truthfully to people, since we’re all members of the same human family. If you’re angry, you won’t commit crimes. You won’t even let the sun go down while you’re still angry, and you won’t give dishonesty any sort of foothold. If you used to con people, you must stop conning people, and instead start working honestly, and share what you have with other people who are in need.

You’ll stop saying nasty things about other people. You’ll only say whatever’s helpful for building other people up according to what they need. You’ll make sure whatever you say benefits whoever listens to you.

You’ll get rid of all of your bitterness, rage and anger, and stop fighting with and insulting people. You’ll remove every form of meanness. You’ll be kind and compassionate to other people, and forgive others when they make mistakes.

If you do this, and speak the truth with love and respect for others, that’s when you’ll finally grow up.

(Secularized and bastardized from the New International Version of the Christian Bible, Ephesians 4.)

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