Cello scrotum is a tricky medical condtion

Cello scrotum is a tricky medical condtion
Was this another musical performance ruined by the dreaded… cello scrotum?

Two doctors have finally revealed that "cello scrotum" – a condition revealed in a 1974 letter to the British Medical Journal which was described as raw and swollen loins of men who play their cellos a bit too long or vigorously – was a hoax.

The prankster doctors were responding to another letter – also likely a hoax – that described "guitar nipple."

Some doctors took these conditions somewhat seriously, and cited these fake conditions in other medical papers.

The Journal’s current deputy editor said people could probably still spoof the journal, but it’s less likely today than it was back then, because people don’t tend to turn in single case reports or anecdotes, which are less accepted today as evidence.

The journal did publish research on the physics of head banging, but that was for their annual Christmas research, which purposely publishes jokey research.

Cello Scrotum, Guitar Nipple: Docs Fess Up to Invented Conditions at ABC News / Health>>

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