Can machines tell if your voice is lying?

Can machines tell if your voice is lying?"Truster-Pro" and the "Vericator" are voice stress analyzer "lie detectors." But like cartoon Acme products,  they’re only good as props.
These devices claim they analyze speech and can tell lies from truth. They don’t work. They can detect when someone is stressed, and stress can mean that the person might be deceiving you, but stress can also mean that the person is tired, anxious or afraid.

"Scientists evaluating Truster-Pro, the Vericator and newer analyzer models repeatedly report lackluster results. Now research finds that two of the most commonly used voice stress analyzers can discern lies from truth at roughly chance levels – no better than flipping a coin."

However, they are good at pretending to detect lies. When the equipment is in the room and someone is questioned, the person may think the lie detector is going to work, so that person doesn’t lie as much.

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