The “appropriate brutality” of Richiardi’s chamber of horror and illusion

The "appropriate brutality" of Richiardi's chamber of horror and illusionClick to enlarge this New York Post

clipping from 1973
In this video, the magician Teller introduces the sawing segment of the 1980 TV special "Richiardi’s Chamber of Horrors," hosted by horror maestro Vincent Price.

After sawing into the girl, Richiardi would invite the audience to pass by. Afterward, he would say:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, some of you made comments as you passed by. One person said, ‘It’s a trick.’ Of course, it’s a trick. Thank God! I could not legally saw a girl in half for every performance. Especially this one, for she is my daughter. Some of you found the illusion to be in bad taste, even horrible, not remembering that I warned you in advance that you had the option to leave. I wanted to give you a little bit of almost everything that there is in the art of magic. I did not want you to miss this one. I beg of you to tell me: Is the illusion well done?"

Richiardi lived from November 24, 1923 until September 6, 1985.

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