25 reasons this is the funniest prank of 2010

25 reasons this is the funniest prank of 2010This is how to do a prank
Undercover Karaoke with Jewel, at Funny or Die>> 

I suggest reading these "suggestions for how to do a prank" after you’ve watched the video.
25 suggestions for how to do a prank

  1. Get someone talented and famous to help you.
  2. Make sure that person is a good person and not a jerk.
  3. Disguise her with a wig, a big fake nose prosthetic, body padding and a business suit.
  4. Call her "Karen."
  5. Surround her with actors who can play her fellow employees.
  6. Create forgeries for each of them, of laminate badges from where they supposedly work.
  7. Pick a spot where an activity goes on that they can participate in. (In this case, a karaoke bar.)
  8. Make sure people are at this spot to have fun.
  9. Make sure people are receptive (which in this case means they’ve been drinking.)
  10. Get cameras to record it.
  11. Have the actors participate in the activity.
  12. Have the actors try and get the fake Karen to sing.
  13. Get the crowd to convince the reluctant Karen to get on stage.
  14. Blow the crowd away with shy Karen’s unbelievably good performance.
  15. Thank everyone.
  16. Go away.
  17. Return later with the famous person, as herself.
  18. Wow the crowd with the famous person’s performance.
  19. (IMPORTANT NOTE: at first, the joke was on the crowd for fooling them with the fake Karen, but they don’t get suckered, they get rewarded – by having a famous singer sing to them at karaoke night.)
  20. Afterward, ask people what they thought about the whole thing.
  21. Get a great quote along the lines of "I think that unknown Karen sang better than that famous singer!"
  22. Reveal the truth to people – that Karen was the famous singer.
  23. Get honest "No frickin’ way!" reactions.
  24. Edit the video and distribute to those who were not there.
  25. What can we learn from this? A good prank requires resources, planning… and fun for all.

NOTE: The video has spawned a request for a pilot TV show by TBS.
Source: AP>>

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