Why it’s better to buy yourself a big fake rock

Why it's better to buy yourself a big fake rockModel EB26
50" (W) x 52" (L) x 26" (H)
Approx. Weight: 400 Lbs.
Your Price: $395 (Shipping Extra)

"Our 200-400 lb. Estate Boulder reproductions are the practical alternative to the cost and difficulty of acquiring, moving and installing a real boulder weighing up to 2 1/2 tons, an expensive and time-consuming procedure that almost always requires extra manpower, a crane or other heavy equipment."

Many people tout the advantages of organic, locally sourced, or natural products. This rock is none of those things because it’s fake, ships long distances and is completely artificial. What are its selling points? Besides being cheaper, it also allows the buyer to know exactly what the rock will look like instead of being surprised at any old rock from a quarry or other source.

And it will likely fool anyone who sees it, because who expects to see a fake rock?

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