One side is more deceptive than the other

One side is more deceptive than the otherThe very attractive 1895-O Morgan dollar, made of 90% silver.If it was uncirculated, this coin could sell for $35,000. About 450,000 real coins were minted.
This one is fake.
One side is more deceptive than the other
According to  F. Michael Fazzari, from Numismatic News:

"Many counterfeit coins have one side that is more deceptive than the other. That is the case for the 1895-O Morgan dollar that a dealer and collector asked me to authenticate recently. I found that several characteristics of this fake were interesting enough for me to share with you here."

Why do many fake coins have one side that’s more deceptive? It’s likely because of how they’re manufactured, but I wonder if the idea that one side of a something that’s fake is more accurate than the other side can be applied to anything else?

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