Need a job in the UK? Be a spy!

Need a job in the UK? Be a spy! You could work in a very nice building on the bank of the River Thames in London.

"TURN on the radio in Britain these days and you could hear an advert for a job in the shadowy world of intelligence: it’s an unusual bid by the country’s spy service to shed its image as stuffy, macho and upper-class. Diversity is the watchword in a publicity campaign that portrays a career in the Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 as fascinating and family-friendly, albeit with moments of risk.

The drive is part of a policy of openness that constitutes a big cultural shift for a service that 20 years ago was so secret the government would not publicly acknowledge its existence, even if it still enjoys more anonymity than its close CIA ally."

From The Straits Times>>

The Secret Intelligence Service website>>

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