Kill the King, you die. The peasant… not so much.

Kill the King, you die. The peasant... not so much.

"A University of Denver sociology professor who studied 504 capital cases concludes that defendants convicted of killing "high-status" victims are more likely to be sentenced to death.

According to new research by Scott Phillips, associate professor of sociology and criminology at the University of Denver, the probability of being sentenced to death is much greater for defendants who kill married, college-educated white or Hispanic victims with no criminal records, as opposed to unmarried black or Asian victims with criminal records but no college degrees."

I find this interesting, though I’m unsure what it has to do with deception directly. It may be that the idea of status – of where you fit in society – affects us in subtle ways, and sometimes with serious consequences. For instance, if someone is trying to deceive you, you may be less likely to suspect them if they have a higher status than you.

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