I’m not dishonest – I just steal books

I'm not dishonest - I just steal books A "Bristlechin" burglar mask from a 1940s Wheaties cereal box.Is our subject a burglar, or not? 

Confessions of a Book Pirate:

"He lives in the Midwest, he’s in his mid-30s and is a computer programmer by trade. By some measures, he’s the publishing industry’s ideal customer, an avid reader who buys dozens of books a year and enthusiastically recommends his favorites to friends. But he’s also uploaded hundreds of books to file sharing sites and he’s downloaded thousands. We discussed his file sharing activity over the course of a weekend, via email, and in his answers lie a critical challenge facing the publishing industry: how to quash the emerging piracy threat without alienating their most enthusiastic customers. As is typical of anonymous online communities, he has a peculiar handle: "The Real Caterpillar." This is what he told me:"

An interview from The Millions>>

Does this relate at all to Abbie Hoffman’s philosophy, found in Steal This Book?>>

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