I shaved my head to get cancer boobs

I shaved my head to get cancer boobsThese photos are not of the breasts mentioned in the story

This story has everything a good story should have: cancer, fraud, pathos, marital deception, a shaved head and a boob job.

A young woman in Waco Texas was sentenced to one year in jail for theft for fraudulently claiming to have cancer and using benefit money to get new boobs.

Trista Joy Lathern, 24, falsely said she was getting chemotherapy, shaved her head, took $10,000 raised for her, and got breast augmentation surgery.

She hoped pretending to have cancer and getting larger breasts would help solve marital problems in her 7-month old marriage.

Her husband learned of her deception the day she spoke with detectives.

Earlier, she had gotten a biopsy for a small mass in her left breast, but it was benign. Before her biopsy results, did she get sympathy for her cancer scare, and decide to cash in? Or, more likely, did she feel good about all the attention, and let the fake cancer story get further and further along, without thinking about the inevitable consequences? Because, really, with all the medical bills you should be receiving for cancer treatment, how long can you fake it?

She pleaded guilty and has already paid $16,000 in restitution. I doubt that she’s a mastermind of criminal deception. It sounds like she needs some sort of help more than jail time.

I shaved my head to get cancer boobs Trista Joy Lathern
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