Ha! I tricked you! Now buy something!

Ha! I tricked you! Now buy something!
It’s always good to fool your potential customers, right?
I found an interesting commentary on a blog about "false negative advertisements" that trick you into noticing them, such as "error tones" on gas pumps that are actually alerts to try to upsell you more products, or the ads attached to supermarket floors that look like spills from a distance.

He doesn’t mention my favorite ad to hate: fake currency lying on the ground. You reach down to pick up the fake bill and it’s not a bill – it’s an ad or a business card.

Here’s a site that will make you one-hundred-dollar-bill business cards for you to throw on the ground "for free and continuous MLM network marketing!" They claim they’re better than those other cheaper fake bills because these are die-cut to look more realistic. Don’t you like that they call the prospect a "victim"?

"Our money cards look so realistic, everyone swears they’re real. If someone sees an abandoned $100 bill, they are going to pick it up & read your ad inside. Fake money or not, they can’t part with it . . . the BILL-BOARD® is the perfect advertising tool to keep you on their mind for years! The best part . . . your "victim" (prospect) will keep your BILL-BOARD® drop card and will try it on someone else. Talk about free and continuous MLM network marketing! Drop cards everywhere and watch how sales pick up! — Now that’s a sizzle card!"

Come on, buy some business cards from them and start out by cheating your potential customers!>>

Read the original post from Lady, That’s My Skull, found via Boing Boing>>

And if you want to trick someone with money, try nailing this to the floor:

Ha! I tricked you! Now buy something!

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