Better stay off this guy’s lawn or he might kill you

Better stay off this guy's lawn or he might kill youA man from the UK super-glued locks on a dental office, sprayed the building with black paint and stole a sign. But when he put a ticking box with exposed wires on the steps, and the army bomb squad shut down the street and evacuated homes, he got in serious trouble.

Why did he do all this? Because 84-year-old Peter McShane felt he had been overcharged by his dentist.

His lawyer said: "He is now extremely remorseful. He had not fully appreciated what he was doing. Now, he is shocked by his behaviour."

Hmm. "I didn’t realize what I was doing…"

Isn’t that what teenage hoaxsters say when a prank goes bad?

Mr. McShane only avoided jail time because of his age.

He must also be supervised for 12 months, was placed under a curfew, and was also banned from ever visiting his dentist.

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