Al Franken sends a prank letter about sex

Al Franken sends a prank letter about sexAl Franken, liberal prankster
Before he was a Minnesota senator, Al Franken was a comedian. Here’s part of the letter he sent to Attorney General John Ashcroft and 27 other Republicans in June 2003 asking for abstinence-related stories for a (non-existent) book he’s writing called ‘Savin’ It!’

"In this day of rampant immorality, unwanted pregnancies, and dangerous sexual diseases, Savin’ It! will document how the Bush Administration is championing abstinence programs and setting the right example for America’s youth.

The book’s fourth chapter, "Role Modelin’ It!", will feature the personal stories of abstinence heroes for our nation’s young people to emulate. Isn’t it about time for our young people to have a chance to look up to leaders who truly walked the walk — instead of just talking the talk — by not having sex until they were married?"

See a copy of the original letter at Letters of Note>>

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