14 tips to unmask a liar (but are they useful?)

14 tips to unmask a liar (but are they useful?)
How great is this Forbes article? It says it’s going to tell us the 14 tips to tell who’s lying. That’s great, but when we count the number of words in the entire article, it’s less than 700. Actually, the "14 tips" part of the article is less than 350 words, since the first half of the article tells us:

  • Most people lie
  • Most lies are harmless
  • We lie more to strangers
  • Polygraphs don’t usually work
  • There are no reliable cues to detecting lies

After those disclaimers… "Hey, here are those tell-tale signs!"

Now all of the tips they tell us might be true, but how useful are they? One of the tips can be summed up as "People lie more on the phone." Another one: liars might sit with their arms and legs folded. Okay…

The problem with articles like this is, as the cliche says, is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The most important thing to know? It’s hard to detect liars.

How to Unmask a Liar at Forbes>>

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