Your prank sucks and here’s why

Your prank sucks and here's why
During a Ranger’s hockey game on Valentine’s Day, the Gardenvision screen showed a woman rejecting a marriage proposal and walking out on her disheartened man. The video hit YouTube. "Oh the poor guy!" But the whole thing was a prank created by game-presentation staff and carried out by paid actors. I agree with the comment by "SOLID D" on the New York Daily News site:

"I don’t get it! Who is the prank on? If they’re both actors and are aware of it, then this is stupid. So, you get a whole bunch of people to think that this woman rejected her boyfriend’s proposal. Wow, that’s really funny! The idiot who thought of this should either be fired or slapped with a hockey stick."

So what was wrong with it?

  • It’s mildly deceptive. Mildly.
  • It’s unlikely a rejection would ever happen like this in real life.
  • It’s actually not that funny.
  • It smells like young male humor.
  • It smells like humiliation humor (see "young male humor.")
  • It’s been done before.
  • They never did a "reveal" where it was shown to be fake, and the fans could laugh about being momentarily fooled.
  • People got pissed when they found out it was fake (see "reveal.")
  • It’s actually not that funny.

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