When I read your writing, aliens ate my brain

When I read your writing, aliens ate my brain
Is wordiness deceptive, or does it just show fuzzy thinking and stupidity? Writer Robert Hartwell Fiske from The Vocabula Review thinks "Deception requires more words than truthfulness." That might be true in some cases, but I think you can lie just as easily with less words: "Aliens ate my brain." Four words. Likely untrue. Would take more than four words to uncover just what’s going on with that statement. However, I agree with him when he looks at statements such as this from a credit card company:

The Minimum Payment Due each month shall be reduced by the amounts paid in excess of the Minimum Payment Due during the previous three months which have not already been so applied in determining the Minimum Payment Due in such earlier months, unless you have exceeded your line of credit or have paid the entire New Balance shown on your billing statement.


The Imperfectibility of People, from Vocabula>>

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