To deceive, one workable skill beats 100 crafty theories

To deceive, one workable skill beats 100 crafty theories The Fox and the CatA Grimms’ Fairy Tale, based on Aesop, based on an even older tale.
It happened that the Cat met Mr. Fox in a forest, and the Cat thought to herself:

"Mr. Fox is clever and full of experience, and is highly regarded in the world," so she spoke to him in a friendly way:

"Good day, dear Mr. Fox, how are you? How’s it going with you? How are you getting along in these hard times?"

The Fox, full of arrogance, looked at the Cat from head to foot, and for a long time didn’t know whether he would even give any answer at all. Finally he said:

"Oh, you poor little beard-licker, you multi-colored fool, you hungry mouse hunter, what are you thinking? You’ve got a lot of nerve to ask me how I’m doing. What do you know? How many skills do you have?"

"I only have one skill," said the Cat, modestly.

"What skill is that?" asked the Fox.

"When the dogs are chasing me, I can jump into a tree and save myself."

"Is that all?" said the Fox. "I have mastered a hundred skills, and also have a sack that’s full of craftiness. I feel sorry for you. Come with me and I’ll teach you how people get away from the dogs."

Just then a hunter arrived, with four dogs. The Cat sprang nimbly up a tree, and sat down at the top of it, where the branches and foliage concealed her.

"Open up your sack, Mr. Fox, open up your sack!"  cried the Cat to Mr. Fox, but the dogs had already grabbed him, and were holding him tight.

"Oh, Mr. Fox,"cried the Cat. "You and your hundred skills are in a difficult position! If you’d only been able to climb like me, you wouldn’t have lost your life."

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