The paper coffee cup that shatters when you drop it

The paper coffee cup that shatters when you drop itI am not a paper cup and I cost $19.

"…These to-go coffee cups look just like the disposable kind you might pick up at your local cafe, but are made of sturdy double-walled porcelain that keeps your coffee warm while the outside of the cup stays cool to the touch. The lid is made of pliable silicone and fits snugly over the rim of the cup. Designed by James Burgess. Measures 5.5" tall by 3.5" wide." 

How do you use images to advertise a more expensive product that looks just like a very cheap product? I guess you have to show the container it comes in, to emphasize that your product is breakable, as in the image above. However, this isn’t a problem when you display a cheap product trying to look real, is it? Imitation handbags that mimic the more expensive ones benefit from close photographic scrutiny. To get the full effect of the pretend paper cup product, you have to actually pick it up: "Cool, this isn’t paper…"

From The Curiosity Shoppe>>

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