It’s not the mind-reading, it’s the brain-scrambling

It's not the mind-reading, it's the brain-scramblingThe Great Tomsoni Seduces the Eyes!
The magician The Great Tomsoni (Johnny Thompson) performs a mind-reading effect. He explains that magicians often "close the door" on an effect, where they reiterate what was done to cement the illusion into the minds of an audience. He and other magicians performed and lectured at the 2007 Magic of Consciousness Symposium, as part of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.

"Just as visual scientists study visual art and illusions to elucidate the workings of the visual system, so too can cognitive scientists study artists of cognitive illusions to elucidate the underpinnings of cognition. Stage magic shows are the manifestation of the deep intuition and understanding of human attention and awareness held by the accomplished magical performer. By studying magicians, and learning their techniques, researchers can hope to learn the skills necessary to manipulate attention and awareness in the lab, at a quantitative level."

Ironically, the title of this presentation – "The Great Tomsoni Seduces the Eyes!" is false – he doesn’t seduce your eyes at all. He seduces your brain.

View the performance (scroll down) at the Martinez-Conde Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience>>

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