How fast do we notice an Oreo cookie made of wool?

How fast do we notice an Oreo cookie made of wool? There’s not much danger we’ll eat this fuzzy cookie by accident.
Humans can rapidly pick up information from just glancing at a photograph. This interactive demonstration shows exactly how much we can perceive about the material appearances of objects with such a fast glance.

"We studied material judgments for a wide range of images of complex, real world materials. It is well known that observers can quickly extract a lot of information about objects and scenes from photographs that they have never seen before… In a set of five experiments, we show that material perception is fast and flexible, and can have the same rapidity as object recognition and scene perception. For example, even in a 40 msec presentation followed by masking, observers can tell that the image… is that of an Oreo cookie made of knit wool." – Lavanya Sharan, Ruth Rosenholtz & Edward H. Adelson

Rapid Perception of Material Properties in Natural Images>>

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