Colour Me Kubrick – a conman poses as the famous filmmaker

Colour Me Kubrick - a conman poses as the famous filmmakerThe real Kubrick is on the left.

We desperately want to believe something is true, especially when fame is involved. In Colour Me Kubrick, A True…ish Story, John Malkovich plays Alan Conway, a disturbed gay drunken English con artist, who tricked others by posing as famous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick while the real Kubrick was making his last film, Eyes Wide Shut. Based on a true story. Colour Me Kubrick at imdb>>

An article from the critic Frank Rich at The New York Times, who met the real impostor>>

"As my friends reshuffled our strange night, we were puzzled. What did this con artist want from us? He asked for nothing, not even our phone numbers to bilk us on some future occasion. We, after all, had demanded that he sit down."

An article from Anthony Frewin, the screenwriter of Color Me Kubrick, from Stop Smiling Online>>

"To be taken for Stanley Kubrick must have required a great knowledge of him and his work, a similar appearance, a New York accent. Wrong on all accounts. Conway didn’t look like Stanley, his accent was strained local radio station Mid-Atlantic (when he could be bothered to exercise it) and he dressed like a used car dealer."

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